Welcome to libstephen’s documentation!

Here you will find documentation on libstephen, my personal C library. The documentation below is split into two sections. The first contains a brief tutorial for setting up a project with the library, and then commentary on each of the major modules of the library. The second section contains API reference for every header file in the project.

Please Note: Libstephen is very much my own, personal library and creation. I use it to experiment on how I should design, implement, and document APIs. I heavily use some portions of the library (for instance, unit testing) while I rarely use some other portions (e.g. bitfields). Sometimes I add, remove, or modify interfaces without warning. And since I haven’t officially given a version number beyond 0.1 for this library, there’s no real guarantee for interface stability. All that is to say: if you want your project to go into production, this is not the library you’re looking for. If you’re just doing a personal project and you don’t mind using someone else’s personal project, you’re in the right place!


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