Intro to Python

15 April 2017

Python and Pie: Making a Twitter Bot

27 August 2016

Have you ever wanted to learn Python, eat Pie, and make an awesome Taylor Swift themed Twitter bot? Well, get ready, because this talk should allow you to achieve all of those dreams!

Editor Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

13 January 2016

Basic slides for a talk given by Andrew Mason and me about text editors.

C from Java

20 September 2015

C's syntax is dangerously similar to Java's, making it difficult to work with if you haven't spent much time learning about their differences. This talk aims to bridge the gap for students taking CWRU's EECS 338.

The World of Python Libraries

09 September 2015

A talk given at a HacSoc meeting in conjunction with Jeff Copeland. Jeff gave an introduction to Python, and this 15-minute presentation gives an overview of the world of Python packages, the source of Python's power.