Stephen Brennan

Stephen is a friendly Leo who likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. … wait, that’s the wrong biosketch!

I’m a student entering my fifth year at CWRU, where I’m pursuing a BS and MS in Computer Science. While at school, I’ve been an active member of HacSoc, a computing interest group.

I’ve been programming for eight years now (whaaat?), with my current languages of choice being Python and C. I really like doing little projects in my spare time, and writing blog posts when inspiration strikes.

Beyond all that, I like cooking, piano, How I Met Your Mother, Emacs, and the color green. In case you were wondering, I do in fact like piña coladas, but not so much getting caught in the rain.

If you have time, check out what I’m doing now (ish) and my links.


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